Why is this site here?
    I started putting this site together for a few reasons. I have to admit that one is to show off, but then most people show off in some way and this is really fairly harmless. Secondly I wanted to be able to keep people interstate and overseas that I know exactly how I am spending my time. Lastly is to provide a scientific resource of marine life - it still has a long way to go on that score, but it's a beginning. All marine images are scanned from 35mm slides.

    If you are thinking that I am going around upsetting delicate marine habitate then rest assured I am not. I am part of a group that works with the Museum of Victoria to collect data and specimens of intertidal marine life. We collect only when necessary and all specimens end up at the Museum. We also have 17 years of census data covering the entire of the Victorian coast.

    All pages on this site are carefully hand crafted using Windows Notepad. The choice of Windows over other operating systems is not because I enjoy using it - if I had my choice of operating systems I would still be on my Amiga - but because, unfortunately, most new software is written for Windows first and then maybe for the Mac. When more software is available for it I intend to change to Linux.

    In the Future.....

    My plans now include adding more information to go with each picture in the marine area, habitat and so. I have done so with the Starfish area, though I didn't add as much photographic data as I shaould have. Eventually you will get both. I also plan on doing more scanning and ading more areas. I also plan on adding more of my purely artistic pictures because I enjoy looking at them.

    History of this site.

  • 10/10/2008: OK so I have made changes between 200 and 2008, but they were minor. This is an update to a new format with more species and I hope, more regular updates.
  • 25/4/2000: The pages have been split into my personal pages and those that are of Marine interest. This will enable both to go in the direction they should without interference from the other.
  • 31/7/1999: I have added the Starfish area, and also though I said I wouldn't do it have added a frames option for those who prefer frames.
  • 18/4/1999: I have divided the Molluscs into 3 areas, putting up completely new Chiton photos. I had planned to do more but I have been hit with the flu and have not had the time.
  • 21/3/1999: I divided the galleries more clearly, I don't know if "Art" is really the correct term, but it will do. I also added a general "Pictures" gallery for those pictures that as yet don't fit into any other area. And, I added some more pictures to the "Landscapes/Cityscapes" area. The list goes on, I also changed the picture on the "Main Page" and the background aswell
  • 13/3/1999: Well the Arthropods have now also been updated, so all galleries have a number of hopefully interesting shots for you to view. I also moved the history to this page to stop the main screen from getting cluttered with useless information.
  • 11/3/1999: A few more pictures in the Molluscs and Anenome pages and the Marine Other page. The arthropods come next. Also added this about page.
  • 8/3/1999: I have added some pictures to my "People" gallery. I have hopes of filling the rest of the marine galleries soon starting with the "Anenomes". Keep loking at this page for more information.
  • 31/1/1999: I have started to rescan some photos and am even reasonably happy with the results. The Molluscs and Landscape/Cityscape pages now have a range of photos in them.
  • mid 1998: Bought the scanner and put up a few images that I was not really happy with the quality of. Got distracted by many other things (including getting married) before playing with the scanner again and figuring out how to get half way decent images from it.

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