• Air breathing snails
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Family Onchidiidae
Name Onchidella nigricans
Distribution Vic, N Tas, NSW, NZ (M&G)
Photograph details Skenes Creek 16/03/2001 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Siphonariidae
Name Pugillaria stowae
Photograph details Portland - Anderson Point 26/02/2007 4:10:13 PM Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Siphonariidae
Name Siphonaria diemenensis
Habitat rocks
Distribution WA, SA, Vic, Tas, NSW (M&G)
Photograph details Portarlington 1/03/1997 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Siphonariidae
Name Siphonaria funiculata
Habitat rocks
Distribution Vic, Tas, NSW (M&G)
Photograph details Port Fairy 25/02/2000 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Siphonariidae
Name Siphonaria tasmanica
Habitat rocks
Distribution SA, Vic, Tas (M&G)
Photograph details Marengo 17/03/2001 Photographed by Leon Altoff


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