• Sea Cucumbers
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Family Chiridotidae
Name Chiridota gigas
Distribution Collaroy, NSW to southeastern TAS, depth range shallow to 11 m
Photograph details Griffith Is 4/04/1998 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Chiridotidae
Name Trochodota epiphyka
Distribution Emu Bay Kangaroo Is to Cape Paterson Vic, N and SE Tas (TOH), depth range 0-20 m
Photograph details Portland - Cape Bridgewater 25/02/2007 10:51:41 PM Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Synaptidae
Name Leptosynapta dolabrifera
Distribution Moololabah, QLD south, west and north to Houtman Abrolhos, WA and possibly as far north as Port Hedl
Photograph details Griffith Point San Remo 3/01/1999 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Stichopodidae
Name Australostichopus mollis
Distribution Broken Bay, NSW to Fremantle and Houtman Abrolhos, WA, depth range 0-140 m, New Zealand
Photograph details Portarlington 5/03/1998 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Caudinidae
Name Paracaudina australis
Distribution Port Denison to Moreton Bay, QLD and from TAS to WA, shallow water to 230 m
Photograph details Sunday Island 15/03/2004 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Name Thyone sp. cf. okeni
Photograph details Port Fairy 26/02/2000 Photographed by Leon Altoff


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