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Family Temnopleuridae
Name Holopneustes inflatus
Distribution Fremantle WA (Check ??) Richmond River, NSW to Derwent Estuary, TAS, depth range 0-25 m
Photograph details Portland - Cape Bridgewater 25/02/2007 9:09:16 AM Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Loveniidae
Name Echinocardium cordatum
Distribution Flinders Is., QLD to Bundegi Reef, Exmouth, WA, depth range 0-230? m, Pliocene deposits from England
Photograph details Port Fairy 27/02/2000 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Name Unidentified
Photograph details Portland - Yellow Rock 24/02/2007 4:27:39 PM Photographed by Leon Altoff


Name Holopneustes sp
Photograph details Griffith Point San Remo 3/01/1999 Photographed by Leon Altoff


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