• Feather Stars
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Family Comasteridae
Name Cenolia trichoptera
Distribution Byron Bay, NSW to Trigg Is., WA, depth range 0-37 m
Photograph details Port Fairy 27/02/2000 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Family Antedonidae
Name Antedon incommoda
Distribution Port Curtis, QLD to North West Cape, WA, depth range 0-65 m
Photograph details Eagle's Nest 16/03/2008 5:32:56 AM Photographed by Leon Altoff


Name Antedon sp
Photograph details Inverloch - Twin Reefs 15/02/1997 Photographed by Leon Altoff


Name Unidentified
Photograph details Point Addis 5/02/2005 11:21:52 AM Photographed by Leon Altoff


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